If you add Additional Users to your Wave account, they can see and access your data and sometimes do things with it. Please only grant Additional Users access if you have permission from the business or corporation that you represent to do so. Bank data connections are read-only and use 256-bit encryption.

  1. To the extent there is any conflict between this Agreement and Apple’s terms and conditions, the terms of Apple shall prevail only with respect to the App.
  2. Subscriptions are limited to one business entity (such as your corporation or limited liability company) and are non-transferable.
  3. 1Payouts are processed in 1-2 business days for credit card payments and 1-7 business days for bank payments.
  4. With over five years at Wave, David brings an enthusiastic leadership style and unyielding service to our customers.

With over five years at Wave, David brings an enthusiastic leadership style and unyielding service to our customers. Prior to Wave, David was a GM and Chief of Staff at a B2B technology company, Influitive, and was previously a management consultant with Deloitte. A graduate of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, he has a wealth of experience knowledge in business strategy and growth. Zahir has always had a passion for small business and enabling financial access for all. This led him to a four-year stint as President and CEO of M-Paisa Afghanistan, bringing banking and financial education to underserved communities.

Remember to check back and review the Pricing Page periodically so you know of any changes. Wave will make commercially reasonable efforts to notify you of any change in fees at least thirty (30) days in advance of the effective date. Your continued use of the Subscription Service constitutes your agreement to those changes.

Accounting made easy.

If you are having trouble connecting, please refer to Plaid’s troubleshooting guide. Outside of work, David can be found in various arenas across the city, including coaching his kids’ hockey teams and, when he’s lucky enough to find the time, paddling can you switch from simplified home office to actual a canoe across an open lake or struggling his way around a golf course. He comes to Wave with decades of executive experience, most recently as General Manager for Afterpay North America, and previously as Executive Vice President at Mastercard.

B. Wave’s Receipts Feature

For example, “Services” as defined in the Terms of Use include Wave’s Subscription Services. Do you have additional questions about the security of Wave? We’d be happy to tell you more about the many steps we take to ensure the security of your sensitive information.

Look professional with customizable invoices

“Wave invoicing makes your life a whole lot easier and takes that worry off you. I’ve tried Quickbooks—it’s a bit more complicated https://quickbooks-payroll.org/ and technical, and takes more time to set up.” Monitor your cash flow, stay organized, and stop sweating tax season.

If we find your email address in our system, we will send you an email with a link to reset your password. You’ll receive the money in your account in 1 business day (Canada), or 2 business days (US)1. After creating your account, everything is set up so you can get started.

You consent to our disclosure of such information to third-party Optical Character Recognition (“OCR”) services. We agree to obtain all reasonable assurances that personal information will be collected, used, and disclosed only for the purposes intended and in compliance with applicable Law. We are not responsible for the readability of the receipts that you upload nor for the ability of our OCR services to translate the information on your receipts. Please be sure to use the appropriate resolution and focus on your mobile device.

If you choose to cancel your subscription, it will take effect at the end of the billing period. You always have the right to cancel your subscription by taking the steps set out above. Your chosen payment method will be automatically charged at the start of your billing period. If the payment method we have no longer works, we’ll give you a chance to update your payment details before we stop providing the Service.

If a fee increase or change to this Agreement is not acceptable, you may cancel the Subscription Service as provided in Section D.3 (Cancellation) prior to the time when it takes effect. This product isn’t PCI-DSS or PA-DSS compliant so, if you use Wave’s receipts feature, you are not permitted to scan any receipts that contain details like entirely visible credit card numbers, government-issued ID numbers, or non-public contact information. If you use Wave’s receipt scan feature, you expressly consent to us collecting from you certain information, which may include information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person and defined as personal information under applicable privacy laws, in compliance with our Privacy Policy. With Wave, your invoices and payments automatically flow into your accounting records. You’ll never lose track of payments again, and you’ll be all set at tax time.

This Agreement includes a binding mutual arbitration provision, which requires that disputes be resolved through individual arbitration. Online payments allows you to get paid quickly by bank deposit, credit card, and Apple Pay. You and Wave acknowledge and agree that Apple has no obligation whatsoever to furnish any maintenance and support services with respect to the App.

Your deposit times may vary based on your financial institution. All payments are subject to a risk review and periodic credit risk assessments are done on business owners because we need to cover our butts (and yours). In some cases, we may hold funds and request more information if we need it for the protection of your business and Wave’s. This is a summary of some of the details we might collect if you use Wave’s receipts feature to upload a receipt image. Wave collects personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy, the terms set out above, and in the Wave TOU.

Easily create, customize, and send professional invoices while on-the-go. Easily monitor and keep track of what’s going on in your business with the intuitive dashboard. The quick summary allows you to stay in control of your business finances, including a task list of outstanding items. Know when an invoice is viewed, becomes due, or gets paid, so you can stay on top of your cash flow better than ever.

He joined Mastercard in 2012 as Chief Executive Officer for Mobile Payment Solutions (MPS) where he was responsible for deploying mobile solutions in Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, Indonesia, Philippines, India and Turkey. Have an eye on the big picture so you can make better decisions. Our accounting reports are easy to use and show monthly or yearly comparisons, so you can easily identify cash flow trends. Between the app and the payment process—I can’t tell you the hours it’s saved, and even the headaches that have gone away because of it. Your complete invoicing and billing process is now on your phone.


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